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    Software Used by Novelists, Fiction Writers, Screenwriters and Playwrights

    Write Brothers® Inc. is a world leader in film and television production software. Write Brothers software is sold worldwide and has been used in the development of most of your favorite films and television shows. This company is the only software develops that has a solution for all phases of writing: creativity, brainstorming, outlining, and formatting. These top-selling products –Dramatica®, Movie Magic® Screenwriter™, and Outline 4D™ – are used by some of the world's most acclaimed novelists, fiction writers, screenwriters and playwrights.

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    Dramatica Pro


    Dramatica 4.0 is a complete step-by-step fiction writing system that has something to teach both the aspiring writer and the established professional. Dramatica's StoryGuide will handhold you from initial idea all the way through to completed narrative treatment, inspiring you and supporting you along the way. It's like having a successful author as your writing partner, sitting by your side and mentoring you!

    Dramatica Story Expert


    Dramatica Story Expert  is the newest software based on the Dramatica story development system. It has powerful new writing tools for both aspiring writers and established professionals. Cast and build your characters, plot out your story, layer in themes with universal meaning, and put it all together into scenes to form a solid step outline. Dramatica Story Expert, like all Dramatica products, does something no other writing programs can do—they predict parts of your story based on creative decisions you make. You'll be delighted to see how many of your creative choices Dramatica Story Expert agrees with—and amazed when it presents ideas you haven't thought of yet. You'll be inspired to incorporate those ideas into your developing story and make it even tighter—with no plot holes or character inconsistencies.

    Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.0


    Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best selling* screenplay formatting software and the choice of Hollywood professionals. Screenwriter automatically formats while you write so you can focus on what you’re writing, not where it goes on the page. It also formats for television, stage, novels and comic book scripts so you’ve got an all in one package for any story you want to write. With a massive set of features designed to make the rewriting process fast and simple you can get from FADE IN: to FADE OUT effortlessly. Integrated outlining, online collaboration, the ability to compare drafts of screenplays and the most comprehensive production features of any screenwriting software all make Movie Magic Screenwriter the clear choice for getting your stories from concept to screen.

    Write Brothers Outline 4D


    "It's a remarkable new visual outliner that lets writers brainstorm, create, structure, and organize their ideas. Usually, I don't buy into the software developers' self-aggrandizing hype; but it turns out they are being modest. For writers, this program rocks!"