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    Wonder Workshop | Home to Robots that Help Kids Learn to Code


    Wonder Workshop creates products that encourage students to be curious and find their own joy in learning. This company offers a unique robotics solution for any early STEM curriculum. Meet  Dash and Dot, the robots behind the innovative platform teaching kids to have fun coding! Introducing coding into your classroom will help students channel their creativity into technology. With Wonder Workshop you can start with fun, engaging activities and end with a solid foundation and a lasting interest in STEM concepts.

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    Wonder Workshop Dash


    Wonder Workshop Dash is the storyteller robot. Discover a new world of play, learning and adventure with Dash. This robot helps students explore the world around them with the use of technology. Teaching children to navigate using these kinds of resources will help them develop lasting interests in STEM subjects. Dash is an explorer who loves to go on adventures, play music, and solve challenges. The more you play, the more Dash knows how to do!

    Wonder Workshop Accessories Pack


    Wonder Workshop Accessories Pack includes several accessories to give Dash & Dot new abilities and various looks. This package includes the following:

    • Bulldozer Bar - clean up those toys and push objects into place! (for Dash only)
    • Bunny Ears & Bunny Tail - transform your robot into a cute bunny with these accessories
    • Tow Hook - take Dash & Dot on an adventure, or just hang around

    Now for a limited time, you can even get the Smartphone Mount! Add new functionality to your robot with a mounted mobile device.

    Wonder Workshop Building Brick Connectors


    Wonder Workshop Building Brick Connectors allows you to play and learn with you existing toys. They are compatible with Lego® bricks, Technics, Mindstorms kits and Hero Factory. Each pack comes with 4 connectors.

    Wonder Workshop Learn to Code Challenge Card Box Set


    Need more Challenge Cards for small group work? Purchase additional box sets, each containing 72 Challenge Cards aligned to our K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum. ISBN number 978-0-9989850-0-8.

    Wonder Workshop K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum Pack


    Our Learn to Code Curriculum follows a scope and sequence aligned to’s Computer Science Fundamental series, and it covers six fundamental coding concepts across six coding levels. This pack includes:

    • 1 Spiral-Bound Curriculum Guide (ISBN 978-0-9989850-1-5)
    • 1 Learn to Code Challenge Card Box Set of 72 cards (ISBN 978-0-9989850-0-8)
    • 1 One-year Code to Learn Lesson Library subscription

    Wonder Workshop Whiteboard Mat for Sketch Kit


    Roll out this mat for an instant, durable, washable canvas. Provides a 100cm x 200cm space for large-scale drawings. Works with Dash, Cue, and Sketch Kit.

    Wonder Workshop Sketch Pack


    Sketch Pack comes with everything you need to transform your code into robot drawings. Start creating pictures, patterns, and messages on the Wonder Whiteboard Mat with the Sketch Kit accessory for Dash or Cue. Dry erase markers in six classic colors and six project cards to spur imagination are also included.


    • 1 marker harness
    • 6 custom dry erase markers (red, blue, green, orange, purple, black)
    • 1 whiteboard mat
    • 1 eraser
    • 6 project cards

    Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit


    Sketch Kit is a new accessory for Dash & Cue robots that enables kids to visualize the results from their code on a large canvas. Sketch Kit helps kids express their creativity and exercise their critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills as they draw geometric shapes, patterns, words, and more.


    • 1 marker harness
    • 6 custom dry-erase markers (red, blue, green, orange, purple, black)
    • 6 project cards

    Wonder Workshop Marker Refill Kit


    Replenish your Sketch Kit with our custom dry erase markers. Available in six classic colors, these fine tip markers snap into your Sketch Kit accessory for Dash or Cue robots so you can write code that draws pictures, patterns, messages, and more.

    Colors include:

    • Red
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Black

    Wonder Workshop PD Course: Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Dash & Dot


    Gain a broader understanding of how coding and robotics fit into your everyday teaching by taking our first online professional learning course designed for elementary teachers. This 12-hour course focuses on making a meaningful shift towards 21st-century teaching and learning.

    Wonder Workshop PD Course: Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cue


    Weave coding and robotics into your middle school classes with our foundational course (12 hours in total). Explore how adopting computer science principles will introduce 21st-century pedagogy and methodology into your daily practices. Delve into the why before tackling the what and the how of Wonder Workshop’s robot for middle schoolers, Cue. With course purchase, you will automatically receive instructions for logging into the online platform, Litmos.

    Wonder Workshop Cue


    Powered by breakthrough Emotive AI, cue is a witty robot with attitude! Share your world with cue as it talks, texts, and laughs with you. Games and challenges make programming your own interactive experiences fun for any skill level. Choose your favorite avatar and explore an amazing depth of personality, expressions, and actions.

    Wonder Workshop Dot


    Wonder Workshop Dot is the brains of a robot. While he is stationary, unlike his counterpart Dash, Dot comes with several games built in! Using the free apps Wonder and Blockly, you can see how these games are created, and make over a hundred more of your own games. The apps include puzzles to guide you through - no books or camps required. Dot gives your students the power to create gadgets and games, while delving into the world of robotics.